Other Policies

Use of Cellular Telephones
Cell phones must be maintained on silent mode and used only in an actual emergency or at member courtesy phone locations. Cell phones may be used for emails, text messages or other silent applications.

Tipping Policy
Members and guests are strongly discouraged from tipping any employee of the Club except the valet. Caddies are not considered employees of the Club.

The Club provides parking spaces and furnishes a valet parking service without charge (except for private parties), The “no-tipping” rule does not apply to parking attendants. However, the Club will not recognize any claim for damage, loss or theft from anyone using the parking facilities unless the damage results from negligence by a parking attendant. During the summer, the pool lot is reserved for pool patrons only.

Personal Effects
The Club does not carry insurance nor does it recognize any liability for the loss of or damage to property of members or their guests.

Smoking Policy
The entire Clubhouse is smoke-free. Smoking is only allowed outdoors in designated smoking areas. Cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse.